Jul 17, 2014

Realty, Reality and Archie Andrews

WOW! Turn Bryan and Drew loose on a show when a guest has to cancel and it is a full show. You'd think they had a full panel. It was quite a show full of  topics.

The real person you want to list your house is ME!
We don't want to spend the whole show talking about real estate - you've heard business shows today before this came on. If you need to buy, want to buy, want to see, need to sell or don't know - call me, make an appointment. Let's make a plan

OK, let's get back to the lifestyle portion of this site.

If you are in distress, don't be - pick up the phone.
Call about anything regarding real estate. Doesn't matter what part of the county it is in. We treat each house as it's own unique business proposition.

All about handing volume consistently, but knowing when to say when.
That's why we have our preferred vendor, Wes Shaw of RPM Mortgage.
You always want to be planning.
BREAK IT DOWN for the folks - make it NOT boring.

Sales are primarily back to traditional, but there is the reset for those loans - those balloon payments - we are going back to short sales coming back on the market. Stuff happens - jobs lost, jobs changed - you need help - call us!

Archie was shot and killed? We'll cover that after the break.

Some talk about Real Housewives and our friend, .....Tamra
DUH! Do you not know this is not 100% reality? Really? Folks - it would be boring or a hot mess if it was all REAL. Gotta edit, stir it up... come on.
There is talk of reunion filming as the show ends...

If you missed Ladies of London -try to catch it on Hulu.
We are THE reality show junkies.
The culture differences between the American women and Brits - THAT's interesting.

Don't judge us on this. Bryan has his law degree, is very educated - he just loves these for entertainment. Drew's on board with this too. Hey - we know these shows are ENTERTAINMENT - we know they are not our friends or real people - they are characters coached.

Shout out to Marisol Patton.

OK, back from break..

Going to Tahiti. UNPLUGGED is the KEY! Soak in the surroundings, take pause.
Mykonos was another favorite. Stay at the Mykonos Grand - save up - do it right!

Heather Shotke from GramMarch will be back on. We will be supporting her upcoming events. 
Time to get back to complete sentences in schoolwork, business correspondence and more.

What about Archie? He's been around since 1939 - why did they kiill him off? Is this a political statement.

He was killed because he was defending his own openly gay friend, who is a senator on the topic of gun control. That brings us to Gay Pride. San Diego Pride week.
LGBTG - gotta get them all in there... It's more than the extreme folks in their underwear they like to show on the news. Gays own businesses, have families, get married, support charities, hire people..

THOR is going to be a WOMAN! What a courageous move for Marvel! Should be interesting.
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Jul 15, 2014

Can you say no? Sure you can, just practice.

Drew Ornelas, Angela Moskovis and Sally Crawford were in the studio.
Sally and her husband - remember her from the carny documentary? But wait, she's on to ANOTHER project.
Angie is having a blast with her crowdfunding campaign.
Sally has a few favorite social media venues. She mainly wants you to know to not be afraid or overwhelmed. Do what you can! 

It really is possible to keep a lot of Facebook and many others private, but don't be naive, if it's online, it can still be found somehow. If you want it private forever, don't post it.

Angela talked about her new love for blogging.
It's been really helping her with her crowdfunding.
You can get inspired by every day occurrences. It's all how you tell the story.

Sally explained the basic differences between two crowdfunding systems:
Indigogo vs. Kickstarter.
The biggest is that Indigogo permits a flexible amount.... so if you raise $4,999 you get that money. Kickstarter, if you set it at $5,000 and raised $4999 - you didn't meet the goal and therefore you don't get the money.
With Indigogo, after campaign is closed, you can continue to allow people to contribute.

Have to stay active, even after the fact. Great way to stay in contact with those who supported you. Then, you can create a new campaign and have a built in system to reach out to for initial interest.

How to say no, easier with some practice. 
It's hard to "unspin" once you say yes and REALLY didn't want to say yes. Slow down, really think about WHY you are saying yes, or why you WANT to say no. Stay respectful, stay kind and say the true answer you want. Get over yourself. They'd rather have a TRUTHFUL answer, even if it's disappointing than to hear the answer they want to hear and you let resentment and regret build to stand by your answer.

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Jul 2, 2014

Big Daddy Radio 2.0 is because of YOU!

Hey, we are BACK! We have missed you all. We thought we were moving, but because of your enormous support on ESPN we are back - we are here for YOU! Thank you. We are truly humbled by the campaign.

2.0 - why 2.0? Well DUH! We moved to the 2:00 hour! Like it? We thought you would!

Let's recap the past month or so:
Angie's twins turned 17 a few days ago - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINS!
Angie gave us a lot of background on her current campaign on Indiegogo crowd-funding resource. There are several options for this type of starter fundraising that give a lot of people options.

Oh, and big surprise - Bryan has had more health issues this past month. He hates even going into it, but here's the take away....


your friends are asking if there may be an issue, don't sluff it off. They notice these differences. LISTEN TO THEM, take action, insist on checking in with your doc and perhaps getting 2nd or 3rd opinions. It's your life - make it of quality!

Oh and we covered the Kardashians, Gaga, the future features on our show, music and more.

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May 22, 2014

Tamra and Eddie Judge are BACK in the studio!

Talk about going out on a high note! This is one of our last shows on this station and who joins us today? None other than Tamra and Eddie Judge, founders of CUT Fitness of OC and Tamra of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Critobal Perris on fan panel. Bryan and Wes have been going through a move - what a hassle when you stay in one place a long time - you accumulate a lot of CRAP. Drew admitted to enjoying helping them move. As long as it's not HIS stuff.

Show two weeks ago - amazing SRO packed the house.  Angie has moved three times in a very short period of time. Let's talk about purging. Quite an eye opener. I say GO WITH IT when the mood hits you to purge - GET THE DUMPSTER AND GO, GO, GO! You won't miss the piles - you really won't!

Tamra and Eddie are knocking it out of the park at CUT Fitness. This is an older photo of them, didn't want to take the one from USA Today - but let me tell you - va-va-voom! They are both looking healthier and sexier than ever! CUT Fitness OC is great for their clients and them. Safe dieting and nutritional changes is their second priority. They get so excited helping their clients transform their appearance, but more importantly their health. Tamra started working with a nutritionist two years ago. She's the first to say with her education process in this area that it's not about cutting out carbs. It's knowing which carbs are good and all of the effects of what you put in your body. They'll be growing their business to include an in-house nutritionist to advice and guide clients.

They want to offer CUT Fitness around the world, stating in US first. They'll be broadcasting their fitness classes through streaming media. This will launch later this year. Great way to offer their services across the nation.

The group acknowledged what a quality person and shining example of humanity and femininity she is through her honesty, compassion and vulnerability. Bryan cheered her stingers from her Real Housewives scripts this season. She's a real person and they are they sweetest couple.

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May 20, 2014

Bryan’s New Home: The Home Pro Show

We are going to be focusing on them and how they conceptually got started with this program. Sean and Heather Johnson started The Home Pro Show two years ago in order to provide San Diego consumers a trusted local resource for information, education and entertainment about their homes.

They have built a strong team of the very best pros in each home service category. These pros review companies, answer questions, provide advice and help connect homeowners to the right pro for any job they may have.

Each Saturday morning at 9AM on KOGO 600, you can hear The Home Pro Show discuss a variety of topics related to your home. From remodeling to real estate, from solar to subfloors, The Home Pro Show covers it all with expert pros in each category.

Similarly, on San Diego 6 TV each Monday at 9AM, The Home Pro Show feature on San Diego Living brings those same pros on to help solve problems and inspire San Diegans to do great things with their homes and gardens.

All of the pros and information can be accessed around-the-clock at ApprovedHomePros.com. This online resource has tips, advice, videos and a searchable database of the top local companies in each home service category. Of course, all of this is a totally free service to the San Diego community.

Before any company can come on The Home Pro Show or ApprovedHomePros.com, they must pass a very rigorous approval process. This process weeds out the lesser companies so only the top pros in each category are ever found on the show or the associated online and social media outlets. Only the very best are ever granted the status Approved Home Pro. Many, many companies have been turned down for Approval and no amount of money can buy Approval when it has not been earned.

Sean, Heather and the whole team stand behind the program and put their hard work and passion into every show and every online post. They believe they had a duty to the local community to help protect them from unscrupulous companies and to help Uplift, Educate and Entertain the San Diego community. BIOS

Sean Johnson- Long time media veteran, Sean was the Vice President of Clear Channel Radio here in San Diego for several years. In that position he led the sales efforts for seven top local stations and the San Diego Chargers radio broadcasts. Sean also ran his own publishing company for several years.

Heather Johnson- Heather spent several years working with home improvement radio in the Phoenix market. As well, she was a top performer with both Clear Channel and Bonneville radio groups.

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May 16, 2014

San Diego is on FIRE and we’ll help keep you safe.

Wes was on the show and the mortgage rates had hit their lowest point of the year for 2014 as of the show date.  There is no rhyme or reason really.  Everyone said we wouldn’t see these types of rates again and now here they are.  Although I did see there is going to be a trend reversal.

This week's show.  We focused basically on the fires, things that homeowners can do to help protect their homes.  Angie’s husband invented a device called Ember Deflectors which as you know the embers are the primary reason the houses end up burning to the ground.
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May 1, 2014

William Lopez Helping you create your BEST first impression in business

William Lopez has been Bryan's friend for 18 years. His firm handles PR, logos/graphics, web design and more! He has an MBA and PhD in education - he hails from Chicago. They are a full-service Marketing Communication firm. They are the First Impression Image creators!

They come apprehensively, but still have great ideas when they are given the creative freedom inspired by Alternative Strategies.

Their experience with restaurants is extensive. You don't want to go cheap and use a cookie cutter type of site. There is a design team of 4 people that work on ALL logos to create a brand that fits perfectly. They have a few choices then and the clients completely benefit.


"When we have this much business, or this many clients.... that's when we will do the marketing."

WRONG - have to do it from Day 1. Have a budget set aside from the start otherwise you are already behind and risk creating a terrible first impression, have to rebrand... disaster!

DIVERSIFICATION - don't put it all in one marketing basket. What are you doing to market to existing clients? What do you do for your referral clients? How do you reward them? 

What are you doing to communicate to your customers as the EXPERT?

What kind of list do you have? What are you doing to continue the touch and drip marketing? They will FORGET YOU if you don't continue the relationship.

Announcement: Big Daddy Radio is changing formats at the end of the month

New shows:

  • Real Estate Debate Show starts in June. At least once a month.
  • Home Pro Show - sort of like an Angie's List locally for anything dealing with the home. Bryan will be THE agent.
  • Big Daddy Radio is changing at the end of the month - we are transitioning to Google+ and HangoutsOnAir through YouTube with a focus on REAL ESTATE - imagine that? Bryan - the Realtor having shows about REAL ESTATE.

Sandy Rasque joined us today for her last appearance. It's been fun! On to new adventures. Her company is Concierge Physician Advisory. They help doctors transition from a standard practice to a concierge medical model. Skype appointments, longer appointments, better service for patients.

About William Lopez:
He's a critical thinker and strategist with a successful track record in producing integrated marketing programs, public relation campaigns and brand management initiatives. He's thought of as a stealthy marketing partner with experience in brand architecture that transcends cultural barriers for local, regional or national implementation 'branding with a cultural pulse.' An integrator with expertise in client and agency collaboration and coordination for optimal brand activation and success.

So what are we talking about with this guy?

You can reach him to talk about your marketing needs here:

William Lopez Principal
(619) 858-0322 | f. (619) 858-0327 | 3443 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 327, CA 92108


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Apr 24, 2014

Think before you marry too young, ladies you could be paying FOREVER!

Today was a throwback Wednesday as we had Debbie Gast Montenegro joining us along with Sandy Lyons Rasque and Angela. Bryan has known Debbie and Sandy going back to elementary school.

Debbie talked about the pitfalls of getting married young and what can happen after the children are raised and divorce happens. Debbie is now stuck forking over $2k a month to an able bodied ex-husband who has a good job of his own yet the fruits of her labor by getting an advanced degree and amazing job at Boeing has cost her having to support the “community” (when it comes to family law is the reference) and will be paying her ex-husband spousal support until he remarries or dies.

This was a very lively topic of conversation and a great show.

Chime in the comments with your horror stories - without mentioning names, please!

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Apr 17, 2014

The Allure of Melissa Magallon and Home Warranties by Dave Miller

So Chef Meli didn't bring any dishes - WTH? Understandably we can't smell it, see it, or taste it through the radio, but, still. OK, Bryan has been there and loves this restaurant, the ambiance - he attended the grand opening. 5 stars only on Yelp! Check out what your friends may say, drive by, stop by, take a whiff - you will stay.

San Diego Culinary Institute requires an internship. She met Ocean Air because of "Top Chef." She was asked to open Searsucker with the owner of Ocean Air - starting at salad station and worked her way up to lead line cook. She paid her dues. She was promoted to sous chef. From there, Herringbone, then on to Searsucker in Scottsdale, AZ. Can you taste this journey?  

Now she has her own restaurant in the Gas Lamp District of Downtown San Diego. So far Allure is dinner only.

Home Warranties are not a thing of the past - Dave Miller is here to tell us about it. Bryan stands behind on Dave's company, Hiscow Home Warranty. They are known for being honorable and their service call cost INCLUDED. That's what the warranty is for. They are QUITE popular for this reason.

Don't make assumptions. Get a copy from the agent as to WHAT is covered and not. People confuse home warranty with homeowner's insurance. You'd be surprised how much is covered by their policies and how much is NOT by their competitors - hint - KEEP COOL!


About our Guests:

Melissa Magallon aka Chef Meli, owner of Allure Restaurant

Melissa, a born and raised San Diego native, went to culinary school at SDCI. She got her first job at Oceanaire in downtown. After a year, she left to open Searsucker. At Searsucker she quickly learned all stations turning her into lead line cook and eventually Sous chef. After Herringbone's opening, Melissa transferred to the new La Jolla restaurant. As soon as there were plans to open Scottsdale Searsucker, the company flew her out to help. Once open, she came back to San Diego and shortly after was sent to work at Burlap. Then it was time to open her very own restaurant with her family. And that is how Allure came to be!

Dave Miller

Dave Miller has been protecting Realtors for nearly 15 years with Home Warranties, E&O Insurance and Natural Hazard Zone Disclosure Reports. Dave is the Area Manager of San Diego and Imperial Counties for CRES/HISCO Home Warranty and has the pleasure of working with over 600 Brokers and Agents on a monthly basis. Dave enjoys giving his Realtors and their clients full access to him at all times with questions on coverage, service and claims.

You can find him here: hiscohw.com and thediscolurereport.com

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Apr 3, 2014

OMG, LOL - #gramMARCH, Debt Settlement

Considering Bryan’s fondness of the English language and fully expressing himself in complete sentences, this cause spoke to him loudly, clearly and with a full Oh My Goodness! spelled out in its entirety.

The gramMARCH challenge is the brainchild of middle school teacher Heather Shotke, who has seen these abbreviated forms of language migrate from the screens of smartphones to the pages of her students’ work product. She is shocked at the type of writing that comes across her desk – even in formal essay assignments.

“I am disappointed and appalled,” Shotke said. “Kids are using ‘text language’ in their academic work and they think it is acceptable because that is how they are communicating with their friends on social media. It worries me that they cannot differentiate between a formal, school assignment and a text to a friend.”

Shotke, a graduate of the Annenberg School of Communication at USC, is concerned that society has become too acceptant of this new-era shorthand. Students are not the only ones at fault. Adults too have adopted this lax method of prose. Through gramMARCH, Shotke is challenging the nation to slow down and think about what they are writing, so that thoughts and words are concise and given respect.

Big Daddy Radio isn’t just about the spoken word, but about the written word, as well, to convey clear and complete opinions.

We’ll also be joined by attorney, Daniel Gamez and Guest Co-Host, Sandy Rasque.

Heather teaches in Rosemead at a K-8 school – 7th and 8th. She has taken her cause beyond her classroom, yet that is what inspired her. She has friends who teach at reputable colleges that notice this same writing style in entrance essays and exams. Did you know they are dropping the entrance essays in the SATs – probably inspired by the lack of interest of clear and accurate expression through writing.

LOL, OMG have their places, but in a professional email, essay or proposals are not the places. How do you build confidence in your message if your audience has to decipher what you are attempting to say. This is leading to a severe decline and disconnect on how we communicate with each other. The bad habits are being formed now. But think about it, sometimes they text when they are sitting next to each other for privacy.

Daniel Gamez is a debt settlement specialist including medical bills. His goal is to help clients avoid bankruptcy, gain some positive spending and saving habits and lose the noose of debt.

Daniel R. Gamez,an attorney focusing exclusively in debt settlement, is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in California and Texas. Mr.Gamez is a member of the State Bar of California, State Bar of Texas, San Diego County Bar Association, La Jolla Bar Association, North County Bar Association, San Diego Bankruptcy Forum, Bird Rock Elementary Governance Team, and a number of other business and social networking organizations.

You can find his firm here >

Sandy Rasque has started with a new company, Concierge Medicine. Her role is to help them with branding. It’s a bit of client advocacy as well as assisting them through the maze of medical care.


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