Sep 18, 2014

Gain the intuition to create your village

Shout out to Mica and Tim Garland at California Preferred Escrow. EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Bryan is 150% impressed by them. 

And another part of his village: First American Title. Top notch professionalism.

Like Bryan says, "It takes a village for a successful transaction!"

In studio were, well, a LOT of people today - no joke. It was packed, all mics and chairs were filled, people were scooting around each other, it was a blast!

First visitor was Austin from They specialize in HDR photography. HDR photography allows you to capture the image inside the image with different levels of images that are combined into one seamless image.

It's the best way to replicate what our eyes see as a room and angle in a room change lighting levels. 

619-417-2135 - text or call.

Zillow recently had an article which showed that using HDR photography gets at least $7,000 more in selling price. Article by Zillow based on their data they analyze - more people interested with good photos, then you get more potential buyers.

We spent most of the show with Joan Marie Whelan. Joan Marie is an accomplished Master Intuitive, Business Strategist and Lifestyle Consultant. She is a World’s leading authority on the teachings of Intuition and how to make your Intuition work for you in your life. Joan Marie has appeared on the Doctors, Ricki Lake, NBC, CBS and countless other media outlets sharing her gifts.
She has the ability to read your energy and share with you exactly when a disease began in your body.  What emotions are still lingering in you and around you and affecting your daily life. She's a special lady and we are all so excited to have her on as part of our show.

Joan Marie had her hands full with all of the people in the studio wanting to hear from her and hear her readings. She helped to identify all of the talents waiting to be discovered in Bryan and Angie with music and writing.
She is the best selling author of Soul Discovery and enjoys teaching her many classes. For more information you can go to:

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Sep 12, 2014

Who knew there were so many ways to smooth wrinkles

Welcome Doc Farnesi of Medical Age Management back to the studio.

Also on our panel we have the beautiful and talented Amy Scruggs who has much to share with us and needs your support at her upcoming Veterans Benefit Event/ and an event 9/17 in Escondido:

Business Salute to Police and Public Safety
September 17, 2014
California Center for the Arts
Escondido, CA
The Third Annual Awards Luncheon will honor those who serve and protect our region. The 2014 Awards showcase the dedicated officers, administrators, and community volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their duties.  Learn more here >

Amy and Doc Farnesi are two of the show's favorites  All of these great guests and my beautiful co-host Angela Moskovis is sure to make for a great show as always at the new drive time 2:00-3:00PM OR like so many of our listeners tune in while you work for some afternoon entertainment.

Sierra Pacific Mortgage is her "day job." She loves combining her music and job - it's all about helping veterans. And one of their biggest needs is in the area of housing.

One of Bryan's favorite doctors is here - a favorite because he is a firm believer in FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE rather than just patching up ailments with a treatment. He wants to know WHY your body is doing what it's doing. He says this is exhausting and limits his ability to cram a bunch of patients in his day. He focuses on determining the root cause and REALLY LISTENS. Bryan credits him with saving his life and giving him a chance at a great life. 

Botox you treat the muscles.  Over time, the botox relaxes and the wrinkles relax.
Filler is a physical push up of the wrinkles.
cheek volume, under the eyes, fine lines - thin needle.... there are tons of options that he covered. I'm dizzy just hearing them all. Never knew there were so many options. I'll keep my fluffy cheeks which keeps my wrinkles at bey, but makes it hard to button a shirt sometimes!

Bryan went on a RANT about agents who put offers with VA loans attached to the bottom of the pile. STOP DOING THAT!

We got into some pop-culture and the method of marathoning a series to catch up during off season.  Bryan and Angie love The Goodwife.
Me, I'm partial to Grimm marathons. One season or more in one day - good lazy day thing.

We also spent time remembering 9/11, expressing continued anger as to the WHYs it happened. Bryan went on another rant here - deserved. You don't like our country and how we run things and enjoy things here? Get out, and go find a country that better matches you, but leave behind your healthcare, fresh produce, safe streets, clean water, indoor plumbing - just go to your "homeland" and get out.  Leave us be, we did nothing to you. It's like television, if you don't like it, change the channel.
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Sep 3, 2014

First impressions - dress out respect for yourself and your clients.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to UNSEE something that is disturbing online or on the television.
Choose carefully - what you view and what you post.

Our hearts go out to the families of the journalist who have met untimely, violent deaths. Angie talked about forgiveness is NOT forgetting, or condoning. We were talking about betrayal, murder, cheating. Not our typical upbeat conversation, but deep and thoughtful. 

How do you feel when you get calls in the middle of the night? Anxiety levels are WAY up.
If my family - my house family - is all in the house, I turn off the ringers. My siblings and I have an agreement, if there is a death - they will still be gone in the morning - get a good night's sleep and we will connect in the morning. Every family does it differently. Most of the time, if I had it on - it was a wrong number or even the dreaded spam sales call - 3 am? Will I want to talk to you - uh NO!

We recapped a conversation about underwear from last week: Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret. We all want to feel good under it all - need it fitting properly to have a comfy day. Don't forget the Gap - but remove the TAGS.
Personally, I prefer the new style of printed tag info without an actual tag. You can cut a tag off, but you still have the edge, or you an snip a hole in the garment or you don't' get the full thing out and now it's sharper than ever! I'd rather spend a couple of more bucks and get something comfy right away rather than having to make modifications.

Past 20 years - business and evening attire is more casual. This speaks volumes as to your level of professionalism
Agents that show up with shorts and flip flops with a client. Makes the client seem like an afterthought.

Wes talked about a test that was conducted on the street:
one man dressed casually, then he changed into business casual and then into a suit. When he crossed the street no one followed him until he was in the suit.  VERY telling - he commanded respect and attention - he was someone to listen to and follow - he looked like a leader.

First impressions. You are showing how much you care about yourself and your clients. As a teen, I remember that the school staff loved dressy dances because kids acted differently when they were dressed nicely rather than costume events, or pajama party themed parties and dances. We usually carry through attitudes that match our attire. It will definitely give that impression whether it is true or not. Know that the first thing we are judged on is our appearance - they see us before they hear us.  When you talk on the phone before meeting someone - SMILE - they can hear you smile - really!

Hat tip to Susan Finch (me) and my show on headshots with Yvonne Heimann.  I talked about Bryan, Wes and Drew as GREAT examples of a professional image online and in person. When you deal with them, you know you have a committed, professional who respects you showing up!

We talked about the importance of Escrow & Title.
California Preferred Escrow - Tim Garland & Mika the escrow officer. THIS is our preferred company. If you are using a different agent (not sure why you would NOT use Bryan...) make sure to ask for California Preferred Escrow to be your escrow company in the transaction. Your agent should respect your request. BRYAN GARRITY would!

The escrow function - the intermediary - is to help everyone understand - don't go for the unknown, CHOOSE your escrow company carefully. Insist on the best.


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Aug 27, 2014

Old school networking, home Insurance should not be an afterthought.

Tune in today as we have special guest Christopher Grant Contreras who talked about all things insurance. Trust me, it will be lively and it's important both from a personal and commercial perspective. 

Had to giggle at his post prior to the show - let's talk about comfort zones.

"Tomorrow I will be on the radio. See the post below for info. I am doing this as I had decided that I really wanted to do things I haven't done before and also things that I may be afraid to do. You wanna hear me, tune in or go to the website. Wish me luck!"

Chris Contreras Insurance Agency. You'll notice a bunch of 5 star ratings.Check out his reviews to know he is your insurance resource in San Diego County. 

What sorts of things do you do to enrich your social life other than volunteering?

Socially I try to make many social events and plan on being at more and more as my social network continues to grow. The most important thing for me in the connections that I do have is that I try to encourage everyone in all aspects of their lives.

I love to motivate people and give positive reinforcement. I love to help and educate people which is why I think being an insurance advisor has worked out for me. It also helps that I have been in the insurance industry since I was 17 years old. His mom gave him his first job. He got his license at 19. She's still in insurance. He handled payroll, customer service and sales.

Tune in for a GREAT story about outselling the top sales person when he was a customer service rep only. Not good when it's the owner's son.... oops.

Contact Christopher to learn more about California fair plan and wrap around policies.
  • Get insurance quotes before putting an offer on a home.
  • Could be a HUGE difference based on location
  • Get this done EARLY - just as important as checking rates and taxes.
  • Perhaps it cannot be insured - need to know ahead of time.

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Aug 20, 2014

Building your home sanctuary without breaking your budget

Are you thinking you need furniture? Time to call Maridee Johnson, owner of Johnson Interiors, and More

"When they come home, that's their safe, quiet place. It needs to be an important space in your life.
You need to build that sense where your family and friends want to gather."

Sometimes she just fills in a few pieces to add to what they have started. Sometimes she starts over in a room because the room doesn't fit in the purpose of the gathering space.  What do you need to do in the space?

Bryan is partial to big, comfy "too big for the space" pieces so the furniture hugs him and lulls him to sleep.

Lighting has changed - more impersonal - more architectural Mary is partial to lamps as they are like jewelry - but lamps today are UGLY. Susan Finch is big on custom lamps by artists or converting art pieces into lamps. Raku pottery, metal, wood - texture... The way the lighting can create the mood. She can go from mood lighting or everyone can read from wherever they are sitting in the room.

HOLY COW - there's a whole lot of ugly lighting happening here - start with the Coca Cola bottle lamp!

BUILD your home setting one great piece at a time instead of trying to budget to slam out all at once. Better - like good clothing - buy ONE piece that is carefully selected, then budget for the next.
Check out art shows, consider antiques. 

Big Daddy Radio Hour today at the new drive time 2:00PM on ESPN 1700AM or you can listen live at We have a great panel today to include a local business owner who is astute in interior design and furniture sales. There has been such a shift in the industry that we are going to hear from an expert who has been in the business for over forty years. Think you know what really should go into a furniture piece? Are the Big Box Lenders knocking out the little guy? Don't miss this show as we will not be holding back (as if we ever do!). We love our listeners.

Let's not fill the landfills with disposable furniture - pressboard, formica, etc.
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Aug 14, 2014

Tribute to Robin Williams, talk on depression and

The gramMARCH challenge is the brainchild of middle school teacher Heather Shotke, who has seen these abbreviated forms of language migrate from the screens of smartphones to the pages of her students' work product. She is shocked at the type of writing that comes across her desk – even in formal essay assignments.

Angie talked about clinical depression - it takes a profound level of empathy - it's a tidal wave that comes over you. Unless you've gone through it, you can't understand the depth and mire of it. Cause can be biochemical, trauma, substance induced...
Heather asked Angie what some of the signs to watch could be.

With adolescents, the conversation is more morbid, hopeless. But people or adults listening, often people minimize the signs out of fear.

There's a shift in all ages, but particularly with adults from deep sadness to this eerie calm.
When you reconcile that in your heart that suicide is the only option, getting their affairs in order, giving away sentimental items, changing wills.

Selfish element to it. But to recognize that requires something they don't have at that moment. We look at it that way, but the despair is that profound at that moment - they cannot see it.  We're talking about sublimation - like Picasso - they turn it into a talent. Many say "don't cure me!" because they are fearful that the fix would ruin the art form.
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Aug 6, 2014

Cover CA is for the Young & Healthies

Marci Bair of Bair Financial Services MetLife joined us in the studio today. Bryan is back from vacation and let me tell you, he's rested and good to go and tell you all about Bora Bora.

The exchange doesn't work because of how restrictive the provider list is. Only good for "young healthies."

Small groups of 50 and under, may make more sense to go to individual based coverage. If you go with Cover California you are VERY limited with your choice of physicians. Very few signed up to be part of it. Insurance companies will work with them if they are in mid-treatment as they are switching to a new carrier.

If someone doesn't qualify for premium subsidy, this will cause a huge problem. 
Under 40K income is helpful for older people on very limited incomes. 

Way more out of pocket and it becomes more catastrophic coverage. A bit frenetic if you visit more than one specialist each year. Choosing new doctors and starting over isn't always an option. There is only an option to change providers during Open Enrollment November 15 - February 15 - that's the only time. Get it done by December and you can get set up by January.

Small company plans increasing significantly. Seek professional advice if this happened to you.
Listen to this show, especially starting after the break at about 12 minutes. There is a TON of information here. You'll want to listen, perhaps more than once, to take notes.

Have to be your own health advocate. We know it takes a lot of time, but you need to stay on top of treatments, 

Next week Heather Shotke of GramMarch will be in the studio panel.

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Jul 17, 2014

Realty, Reality and Archie Andrews

WOW! Turn Bryan and Drew loose on a show when a guest has to cancel and it is a full show. You'd think they had a full panel. It was quite a show full of  topics.

The real person you want to list your house is ME!
We don't want to spend the whole show talking about real estate - you've heard business shows today before this came on. If you need to buy, want to buy, want to see, need to sell or don't know - call me, make an appointment. Let's make a plan

OK, let's get back to the lifestyle portion of this site.

If you are in distress, don't be - pick up the phone.
Call about anything regarding real estate. Doesn't matter what part of the county it is in. We treat each house as it's own unique business proposition.

All about handing volume consistently, but knowing when to say when.
That's why we have our preferred vendor, Wes Shaw of RPM Mortgage.
You always want to be planning.
BREAK IT DOWN for the folks - make it NOT boring.

Sales are primarily back to traditional, but there is the reset for those loans - those balloon payments - we are going back to short sales coming back on the market. Stuff happens - jobs lost, jobs changed - you need help - call us!

Archie was shot and killed? We'll cover that after the break.

Some talk about Real Housewives and our friend, .....Tamra
DUH! Do you not know this is not 100% reality? Really? Folks - it would be boring or a hot mess if it was all REAL. Gotta edit, stir it up... come on.
There is talk of reunion filming as the show ends...

If you missed Ladies of London -try to catch it on Hulu.
We are THE reality show junkies.
The culture differences between the American women and Brits - THAT's interesting.

Don't judge us on this. Bryan has his law degree, is very educated - he just loves these for entertainment. Drew's on board with this too. Hey - we know these shows are ENTERTAINMENT - we know they are not our friends or real people - they are characters coached.

Shout out to Marisol Patton.

OK, back from break..

Going to Tahiti. UNPLUGGED is the KEY! Soak in the surroundings, take pause.
Mykonos was another favorite. Stay at the Mykonos Grand - save up - do it right!

Heather Shotke from GramMarch will be back on. We will be supporting her upcoming events. 
Time to get back to complete sentences in schoolwork, business correspondence and more.

What about Archie? He's been around since 1939 - why did they kiill him off? Is this a political statement.

He was killed because he was defending his own openly gay friend, who is a senator on the topic of gun control. That brings us to Gay Pride. San Diego Pride week.
LGBTG - gotta get them all in there... It's more than the extreme folks in their underwear they like to show on the news. Gays own businesses, have families, get married, support charities, hire people..

THOR is going to be a WOMAN! What a courageous move for Marvel! Should be interesting.
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Jul 15, 2014

Can you say no? Sure you can, just practice.

Drew Ornelas, Angela Moskovis and Sally Crawford were in the studio.
Sally and her husband - remember her from the carny documentary? But wait, she's on to ANOTHER project.
Angie is having a blast with her crowdfunding campaign.
Sally has a few favorite social media venues. She mainly wants you to know to not be afraid or overwhelmed. Do what you can! 

It really is possible to keep a lot of Facebook and many others private, but don't be naive, if it's online, it can still be found somehow. If you want it private forever, don't post it.

Angela talked about her new love for blogging.
It's been really helping her with her crowdfunding.
You can get inspired by every day occurrences. It's all how you tell the story.

Sally explained the basic differences between two crowdfunding systems:
Indigogo vs. Kickstarter.
The biggest is that Indigogo permits a flexible amount.... so if you raise $4,999 you get that money. Kickstarter, if you set it at $5,000 and raised $4999 - you didn't meet the goal and therefore you don't get the money.
With Indigogo, after campaign is closed, you can continue to allow people to contribute.

Have to stay active, even after the fact. Great way to stay in contact with those who supported you. Then, you can create a new campaign and have a built in system to reach out to for initial interest.

How to say no, easier with some practice. 
It's hard to "unspin" once you say yes and REALLY didn't want to say yes. Slow down, really think about WHY you are saying yes, or why you WANT to say no. Stay respectful, stay kind and say the true answer you want. Get over yourself. They'd rather have a TRUTHFUL answer, even if it's disappointing than to hear the answer they want to hear and you let resentment and regret build to stand by your answer.

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Jul 2, 2014

Big Daddy Radio 2.0 is because of YOU!

Hey, we are BACK! We have missed you all. We thought we were moving, but because of your enormous support on ESPN we are back - we are here for YOU! Thank you. We are truly humbled by the campaign.

2.0 - why 2.0? Well DUH! We moved to the 2:00 hour! Like it? We thought you would!

Let's recap the past month or so:
Angie's twins turned 17 a few days ago - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINS!
Angie gave us a lot of background on her current campaign on Indiegogo crowd-funding resource. There are several options for this type of starter fundraising that give a lot of people options.

Oh, and big surprise - Bryan has had more health issues this past month. He hates even going into it, but here's the take away....


your friends are asking if there may be an issue, don't sluff it off. They notice these differences. LISTEN TO THEM, take action, insist on checking in with your doc and perhaps getting 2nd or 3rd opinions. It's your life - make it of quality!

Oh and we covered the Kardashians, Gaga, the future features on our show, music and more.

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