Feb 26, 2015

Special guest: Heather Shotke from gramMARCH.org

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Feb 19, 2015

Oscar Nominations, 50 Shades of Grey, TV Show Marathoning & More…

This week Bryan, Angie, and regular panelists Drew Ornelas and Michael Ellis-Bahena talk Oscar nominations, Fifty Shades of Grey and the mental consequences of marathoning your favorite TV shows.

All of us at Big Daddy Radio are super excited for Academy Awards this year, despite the fact that none of us have seen any of the movies that are nominated! The movies look amazing, as well as many of the actors' performances, so we're hoping to catch a few of the movies before Sunday. In any, case we'll have a lot to talk about with the winners, losers and of course any surprising moments during the most anticipated awards show of the year.

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Dec 10, 2014

Get into the zone with HEART RATE COHERENCE

Angie on with Bryan calling in.
Couldn't do it without our sponsors:
CA Preferred Escrow.First American and all of the sponsors.

Bryan called in to thank Angie for holding the fort.

Daniel Hendrick 
Sarah Gilman
Sara Gilman, is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, specializing in the areas of trauma, addictions and performance enhancement. Graduating in 1983 with a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from CSU Fullerton. Sara is a Fellow with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, EMDR certified and Past-President of the EMDR International Association. She lectures and appears on TV regarding addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder and how to create your peak performance.  She is the owner and President of Coherence Assoc. Inc.

What is peek performance. Doing your best. Perform on or near your best in all circumstances, consistently - not a one shot deal.

In sport we train with nutrition, bodies, but we need to train our mental abilities and shift when the internal or external stress is up so we can move forward at the time when we need it the most.
AND notice when you are not in the zone.

If we feel differently, then our thoughts catch up. The heart is the center - it send 60 times the electrical currents than the brain. The brain and body don't care. They take their guidance from the heart.
Change the heart rate variability - tell the brain everything is safe and I can keep going, even though this is a stretch.

Daniel's story after break:
Student 15, taking lessons for a while. found out she was a composer. He asked her to play. It was about the pain of relationships she had in high school, and betrayal and how she connected - it was profound.
She was asked to perform in front of her peers. It lifted her conscious to a higher level as she told her truth. There is no downside to it, it is only freeing. The person who mocks that is the person in the most pain.

Have to practice this - find the place, center of gravity stabilizes, my thoughts calm, I can just perform at the highest level I can 95% of the time.
Letting go of thinking and get to BEING.

The space between the heartbeats - visualize that.
Heart is the regulator of the emotion, so start there.

3 steps:
Practice, practice, practice - heart is a muscle with memory.
Get into the zone - or HEART RATE COHERENCE.

Shift your attention to the muscle you are working on.
Heart breath - Generate a positive emotion - gratitude is a great one to start with. You know you have the FELT sense of gratitude or joy or love - you'll know when it's real because you will smile.
Then heart says to brain - we are in the zone - efficiency, 

REBOOT into Heart rate Coherence several times in the day.
This is the energy efficient zone to sustain concentration.
We can concentrate for longer periods of time.
5 minutes or 2 minutes would be great!
Best time is before bed, helps you sleep soundly and get into REM sleep more efficiently.
Sleeping more about what you need to think about - gratitude brings us into the zone and we efficiently sleep.

On Pain - Sarah:
Manage pain for the body is so much more efficient.
BREATHE into it. Find a happy memory - your happy place.

This is ideal for those with high pressure jobs and demands.
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Nov 16, 2014

Veterans’ Day, Taylor Swift and Mockingjay, and of course, Britney Spears

Alrighty, Bryan Garrity is out of the studio for a couple of weeks. He didn't want to leave you without a show, so join his forever friend, Susan Finch and her friend and co-host today, Lany Sullivan of Those 4 Girls on Google+. Bryan even emailed in an intro so we'd know HIS views on Taylor's new album, his Britney take for the week and all of us lovin' on our veterans and servicemen and servicewomen. 

It's a 19 minute shorty show that we hope you enjoy it.
We love you and miss you Bryan! Keep getting better. The gang at the station misses you and we do, too!
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Oct 22, 2014

Clowns, Concerts, Deep South and Cable

Welcome to our new panel! We are so excited to welcome Michael Ellis and Amanda Weeks to our regulars. We were all getting acquainted today as a team. Boy, howdy - what we covered. It was like a tour around the small towns of the West.

But before we get too far, Bryan had to bring up CLOWNS! You heard me - clowns. He has never been a fan and is actually quite against having them around. As a kid Santa, Mickey Mouse and the rest of the costumed characters had no place of joy in his young life. Clowns I get. OK, here's my clown story: I'm 9 at Ringling Brothers. They knew it was my birthday. ALL of the clowns surrounded me overhead and sang happy birthday in their creepy clown voice. Add that to the old horror flicks I'd watch on channel 13 in the 70s and AAAAAAA! ENOUGH!

Since the panel all hails from smaller towns up and down the coast, but at different decades. Our babies of the bunch,  Drew and Amanda, talked about how it was during the 80s in school with AIDS education, sex ed and more. Bryan and I were at the same school. They didn't cover much. Condoms, briefly. We compared stories and realized that in the deep South, with simpler upbringings and lower demographics, there was a lot more talk about contraceptives, condoms and other options rather than talking about the fantasy world of abstinence.

When you live in a small town, it can be very difficult, especially when there is a lower education level, perhaps also a stricter religious prevalence.

Music time - upcoming concerts:
Fleetwood Mac - that's where Amanda's going. 
How about Susan Tedeschi and the Tedeschi Trucks Band? I've seen them up here at the Oregon Zoo - GREAT SHOW! Consider it. Patty Griffin with Scott Miller Nov 1 at the Balboa Theatre. 

OH my, late night television and commercials are WAY far away from the Brady Bunch.
That's about as much as we'll say about that. 
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Oct 16, 2014

Immigration Myths Busted and Group Rant

In the studio with Bryan today: Angie, Drew, Luis Lopez from the Law Office of Kevin Tracy. He's a Paralegal and Interpreter.

Luis told us that with regards to gay marriages, they have had 20 cases so far come in with Visas, met their partner here and took advantage of new law.

How scary for some coming from Guatemala , Honduras that are very against gays. Their risk is bigger. If they get caught and deported, some countries will actually kill you for being gay.They can ask for asylum out of fear due to their living situation.

The studio is on the Pope Francis bandwagon. WE LOVE HIM.The new Pope - his view of tolerance of love of all.
We are all about welcoming people into the church. so says the Archbishop of NY. Progressive action is happening.

Our team doesn't believe in the "lock the borders" point of view. What do you think their reason is for coming here?
Do you not get a lot of it is about FEAR. If you had kids in a country with violence all around you and there was chance to escape to safety - wouldn't YOU take that for your kids?

Yes, you need to do it right - meet with a team like Luis and those at the Law Office of Kevin Tracy. Have a sit down/free consult. They usually have interpreters, they have a attorney/client confidentiality agreement to protect you. They won't notify immigration. Spell out your situation and Luis and his team will be honest and help you on your path. They'll also be honest and tell you if you have some things to clear up first.

Call Luis at 858-805-6786. They serve ALL of San Diego county and outlying areas.

If you mention Big Daddy Radio, they'll set up a free consultation for you. They are looking out for the best interest of the client. They don't want you hurt or your families. They want to help you do it right and start your better life.

If someone is here, and they marry someone from Holland, do they get automatic citizenship. This is a common myth.
Married to US citizen - they can go ahead and start the immigration process. BUT have to check their history, how many times in and out of the country, are there problems with their visa, or will they have to do processing where they fill out the paperwork here but have to go back to their country of origin to complete it.

People are confused with that belief like the movie Green Card.
It's not automatic. Look at the Governor of Oregon's girlfriend. She married someone when she was 18 just to get him a greencard - she was paid for this, too. There is no free pass. You need to know the laws. There are several types of visas.

If you have a legal document, you marry here to a US citizen, that's the perfect scenario.It takes about 6 months.
Say you met on vacation - longer process - 1-2 years. Depends where you met, background checks and the rest. Luis loves these stories and loves helping.

Bryan reminds us: This country was built on welcoming people.

< h3>30:00 GROUP RANT: Violence against women.

WHY do you men think this is any type of OK? You weak, puny minded, insecure person. Picking on someone who can defend themselves? It's about bullying and power. You weak, pathetic human if you do this. NOTHING warrants violence against another human being. You cannot justify it hiding behind religion and local, archaic laws and your neighborhood social norms. How would you feel if someone beat your grandma? Your daughter? So your wife or girlfriend is the same? And if you think this is OK in any way, you are a sick, sick human!

Women/victims - Past behavior like this will NOT get better. Same with cheaters - why are you shocked if they do the same to you? Why would you tempt the odds? Have more self-respect. You can't fix these sick people no matter how good you are in bed, no matter how much money you lend them - they are sick manipulating abusers. RUN! If your friend or relative is considering this type of physically or mentally abusive partner - HELP THEM RUN!

OK, here's the other side, you've tried to help that person over and over and over. They are also sick if they are drawn to this type of person. As the caring friend, how do you forgive a person who is stupid or gullible or that keep going back?
Wow! There's a question.


But, let's talk about cattiness and those who delivered unsolicited advice on a regular basis - HEY! How insensitive and who are you to think we have been sitting around waiting for your cruel, unthinking, insensitive opinion.

Sometimes you just have to say, "PEESE SHUT MOUF, WOOMUN!"

What is your motivation for that comment? Is it to look better, feel better about you or, because you REALLY care?
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Oct 9, 2014

No excuses, Binky Patrol makes is SO easy to volunteer for kids.

Angie, Drew and our guest - ME! Susan Finch was on the show. Susan Finch Solutions

Art is so important to kids. So many schools have lost their budgets so kids no longer have the opportunity to learn about artists or history through art, express their creativity through thinking outside the box - creative solutions.
Susan Finch needs your help to secure a grant from Chase to put together 12 art lessons about a specific artist, project.

The lessons will include virtual field trips, interviews with artists, cooking shows where they fit and a bit history wrapped inside of an art project they can make with easy-to-find materials from any craft or hardware store - or even the recycle bin.  The grant will cover the film and production costs to get these online and available to children around the world, even with limited internet access.

The other part of the grant is for Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids. This is a 501c3 all volunteer organization started in 1996. The mission is to make and give blankets to children and teens in need of comfort. The grant money will support the chapters as they try to get more volunteers to make more blankets to give to more children who feel they are invisible, forgotten, are ill, abused or homeless!

http://bit.ly/artlituschase is where you vote. Have to be logged in with Facebook. After you vote, you can delete the grant access.

Angie and Bryan talked about Ember Deflectors and how important devices like this are, especially in light of all of the fires happening in California and around the country with the drought conditions.

Bryan talked about volunteering and donating. Sometimes people don't donate anything because they feel they can't donate enough to make a difference. Think about this. $3 is enough to make a blanket to comfort a child or teen in need. That blanket will not only comfort the child, but allow a volunteer to make a difference and for that child's family to see that someone cares about their child, as well. $3 - TRULY, it's easy to make a difference. Don't overthink it.

Binky Patrol allows you to volunteer on your time schedule, when it fits, from your home. It doesn't have to be hard. CHOOSE to make a difference. That's what sparked her to start this organization in 1996. 

ANYONE can make a blanket. If it's soft, from the heart and washable, it's perfect.

She said YES to Oprah when they wanted to mention Binky Patrol on her show about children with AIDS on AIDS Awareness Day. They went national the day the show aired as over 800 phone calls came in the first two days. They couldn't keep up with the voicemail.

And what about Orpah? Do we think she's happy with her network? Seems like perhaps she was forced into doing SOMETHING else big. We think she may have other interests she wants to pursue, perhaps quieter interests. Hats off to her.

October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
How about the other cancers? It's important to fight them all. 
LUNG cancer is the number one cancer killer by a long shot. Lungs aren't as pretty as breasts, so perhaps we don't hear from them as much. Perhaps because people think about lung cancer as self-inflicted due to smoking. More judgement.

What about all of the labels. Surely the villagers in Cro Magnon times relied on the alertness of the ADD people to keep them safe while the OCD people were counting beans!

I'm not weak because of my (name the acronym disorder), I'm AWESOME because of it!
Spin it how you want, find the positive in exactly the lot you were dealt.

We treat our animals with more dignity than our loved ones - referring to humans. WHY is that?

If you have an issue with the drought and the ice-bucket challenges.. do it over grass!

On the ice-bucket challenges and wasting water:
Do it in a tub, get naked and then get clean! Such a non-issue.

If a charity is to run properly and grow and gain large sponsors, you have to decide to pay an executive staff. All volunteer organizations are limited to grow based on the hours their volunteers can give to run it. 

Bryan talked about an important email he received from a listener who moved here from Arkansas and is in the military. He had misconceptions typical of many folks about gay people. 

"I was surprised there was a homosexual on ESPN. I hadn't ever been around gay people until I moved to San Diego." He had viewed them as second class citizens. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are just people, professionals, intelligent and has shed his stereotypes. "Now your show is my favorite show on ESPN!" His wife listens at the office, he listens in North Island.

Bryan admits it was a big deal to call Wes his husband. Has to do with the time and place we were raised. Spouse he was used to. How's that for honesty?

Susan's known Bryan for over 35 years, and has known Wes for years, it still throws her to talk about Bryan's marital status. OLD SCHOOL and hard-wired.
They've been married since 2008.  Bryan says he's150% committed, but at the end of the day, it is his spouse - he still uses the term partner but is working on it. Silly man. He's even aghast when he hears Wes say, "My husband is on the phone..." "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!" Too funny. 

Susan & Bryan cheer the Pope. Kind of an accepting guy - he rocks the house!

ANGIE told us about a BIG DEAL EVENT:
San Diego Rescue Mission Sleepless America San Diego to support the homeless in San Diego. Over 8500 homeless on the streets of San Diego.
Check it out and participate!
If you miss this weekend, you can help ANY DAY. There are always homeless people in need. Vets, families, children - open your heart - don't make it too hard - just do SOMETHING to help them. Even the Kardashians are trying to set an example.

In the Pacific Northwest - over 135,000 children and teens are served by Northwest Children's Outreach.

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Oct 2, 2014

Del Mar Popup Culture with Paulette McWilliams, Loans Tips from Amanda

Amanda Weeks from Movement Mortgage.
Drew Ornelas from the Garrity Group
Angie back from her anniversary celebration.

Oh good grief - one more reality show for Bryan - the Voice. Thanks a lot, Amanda! We really covered Gwen Stefani - salt of the earth, but super intelligent and fashionable. Uh, we are fans of her! She worked hard to get where she is. She's real. Is The Voice taking over American Idol?  Hmmmm. People seem to be enjoying The Voice more. More talent. Not as narcissistic of a panel that Idol has. 

Let's get to a meatier topic, why is everyone so afraid they cannot get a mortgage these days?

Amanda confirmed that it's not nearly as easy as it used to be. It's more of a detail-oriented process.
Work with a professional to get the expectations out on the table. If you want to help speed along the process, be able to get your hands on the documents they'll need such as tax filing from the most recent year or two.

What sets Movement Mortgage apart from other lenders? Let me tell you:
Turn around approval within 6-24 hours.
Then it's just pending appraisal and condo docs.
With this speed, red flags will come out quickly.
They process their files within 7 days. 100% of them are processed within 7 days if Amanda is your loan officer.
Then you know what you are dealing with and can plan your move without waiting for something to come out.

THIS IS CRITICAL so you don't miss on contingency deadlines, deposits, etc. or that you are expecting to close a deal and let other opportunities go by.

Choose your loan professional carefully and insist on the one of your choice with your agent. You are in charge and may choose your team members for your deal.

Amanda LOVES VA loans! Bring them to her!

She's been in loans for two years and Drew thinks she's already earned her superhero status!

WOO HOO! Call in guest today is singer - performer - Paulette McWilliams. You probably don't realize how familiar her voice is. She gave us a taste of many songs and commercials she's performed. You need to list at about5 the halfway mark in the show and you'll say, "NO WAY - THAT'S who sang that?
She's quite humble, but she shared with us that she's worked with Michael Jackson,  Luther Vandros, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Mathis, Qunicy Jones, Rufus - before it was Chaka Kahn's group over the past two decades: tours, albums
hundreds of commercials for national and international brands.

You can see her perform this weekend:
SUNDAY 3:30 - 5pm at the Del Mar Popup Culture Fair
L'Auberge Ampitheater

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Sep 25, 2014

Give a little bit through 6 Degrees and Buy some GREAT Investor books.

What was the genesis of 6°?
"Accidental business - more me transitioning careers from sports marketing to financial planning.
Not finding much value with the networking groups I was trying."
He has always connected people via email and has gained a great reputation putting people together who mutually benefit and match values. The byproduct, he admits selfishly, was to get more clients for his financial planning business. The group evolved naturally and took on a life of its own.
  • Founded 2007 with their first event.
  • Started with monthly mixers.
  • 600 local paying members.
  • 60,000 attendees to their events:
  • Events include: mixers, panels, CEO round tables, breakfasts. A lot of different options - not just mixers, but educational.

People are flawed in their thought process if you ONLY use online networking. It's a component, a conduit.

Like-minded professionals: Be out there - network of others to connect with and know a face to a name.

The intent is to make 6° a national organization with chapters.
Check out MeetingMatch.com - launched in beta to allow greater intelligence for meeting registration.


6° 7th Anniversary Celebration info:
SILO in Makers Quarter 
753 15th Street, San Diego, CA 92101 (US).

  • Casino night games from Black Tie Casino Events
  • Dueling pianos from Funky Monkey
  • All proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation in San Diego
  • 6° has already granted 5 wishes to local wish kids.
  • There have been over 200 wishes granted in San Diego last year!
  • This is their big celebration each year - big event - business community in San Diego. If you miss this year, you can contact them to be a sponsor for next year!
  • 600 registered already, 12 restaurants are involved in providing food,
  • There are over 20 corprorate sponsors.

"Networking is about farming: It's about building relationships and planting seeds."

If you take a tip from BNI or similar and you meet people who only want to network once in a while, it's like a one-night-stand. They're there to get what they can during that one time. Not really building a relationship.  It's similar to dating.
It's not about YOU - how are you able to benefit their lives?
LINKS FOR 6° and Matt Greene:
6° Anniversary party - if you miss it this year - you can help sponsor NEXT YEAR.
There is plenty of business for everyone - need to find alternatives when one person isn't a fit for Bryan - who can he confidently recommend as an alternative? That's why he connects with someone like Michael Wolf.

Time for author and Realtor, Michael Wolf.
He wrote his first book in 2010. Bryan asked what motivated him to do it, he told us, "There was nothing out that was current or not demeaning, '... for dummies...' The investor book is more for the individual who has invested in real estate.
it's for someone who wants investment real estate and doesn't know where to start.
It identifies what kind of investor you want to be: strip mall or condo?
And it gives you guidance regarding buy and hold, vs. buy and flip, this book covers these options and explanations."
If you don't own your primary residence, buy his first book. The first book gives a person a sense - the mom and pop type of investor - of understanding. His guide gives you the steps from the beginning - again, respectfully, but easy to understand.
The most important part of this book, "What kind investor you are. This is the only way to get to the core strategy that would be best for you."

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Sep 18, 2014

Gain the intuition to create your village

Shout out to Mica and Tim Garland at California Preferred Escrow. EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Bryan is 150% impressed by them. 

And another part of his village: First American Title. Top notch professionalism.

Like Bryan says, "It takes a village for a successful transaction!"

In studio were, well, a LOT of people today - no joke. It was packed, all mics and chairs were filled, people were scooting around each other, it was a blast!

First visitor was Austin from FutureHomePhoto.com. They specialize in HDR photography. HDR photography allows you to capture the image inside the image with different levels of images that are combined into one seamless image.

It's the best way to replicate what our eyes see as a room and angle in a room change lighting levels. 

619-417-2135 - text or call.

Zillow recently had an article which showed that using HDR photography gets at least $7,000 more in selling price. Article by Zillow based on their data they analyze - more people interested with good photos, then you get more potential buyers.

We spent most of the show with Joan Marie Whelan. Joan Marie is an accomplished Master Intuitive, Business Strategist and Lifestyle Consultant. She is a World’s leading authority on the teachings of Intuition and how to make your Intuition work for you in your life. Joan Marie has appeared on the Doctors, Ricki Lake, NBC, CBS and countless other media outlets sharing her gifts.
She has the ability to read your energy and share with you exactly when a disease began in your body.  What emotions are still lingering in you and around you and affecting your daily life. She's a special lady and we are all so excited to have her on as part of our show.

Joan Marie had her hands full with all of the people in the studio wanting to hear from her and hear her readings. She helped to identify all of the talents waiting to be discovered in Bryan and Angie with music and writing.
She is the best selling author of Soul Discovery and enjoys teaching her many classes. For more information you can go to:

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