Jul 30, 2015

The killing of Cecil the Lion by US Dentist and 9 Reasons why dog people are better at realationships

This week's episode was really focused on just a couple topics. In particular, the US Dentist who lured a famous lion named Cecil from an animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe then proceeded to shoot him with a crossbow. The hunter injured Cecil, but did kill him until finding and shooting him again 40 hours later. All of the panelists, especially Bryan have very strong feelings against Walter Palmer, we he feels the need to shoot majestic animals in the first place, his claims that he was unaware that the lion was a "local favorite" and that the two hunting guides were acting illegally. 

Transitioning from lion killing, to animal lovers, we also discussed a recent article on why dog people are better at relationships. Needless to say, Walter Palmer is probably not a dog owner and certainly not an animal lover. Check out the full episode here. 
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Jul 24, 2015

Nikki Minaj, Taylor Swift Twitter Feud, Ashley Madison and Demi Moore Houseguest drowns

This week we covered the latest hot topics including the Nikki Minaj, Taylor Swift Twitter feud that caused so many fans of each to come to their defense about Nikki's initial comment concerning her viewpoints of why her music video was not nominated for Video of the Year. 

We also covered the Ashley Madison hack and debated over whether people who cheat on their spouses on this dating site deserve to have their personal info revealed, as the hacker wants to do if the website doesn't shut down. 
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Jul 17, 2015

Special News From One of Our Panelists, More on the Bakery Discrimination Story and New Madonna Criticisms

This week, one of our panelists revealed some very special news that we were all very excited and happy about. We also discussed more that was discovered about the bakery discrimination case in Oregon that sheds light on why the ruling and fine was seemingly so severe. 

There were so many other stories happening this week, including announcements and highlights from ComicCon, Lady Gaga officially being announced to be in the next season of American Horror Story and more. Last but not least, a new photo posted on Instagram by Madonna that is getting a lot of criticism and even started a bit of heated discussion in our studio. 

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Jul 10, 2015

Cake shop discrimination case, Jared from Subway investigation and Paula Deen in hot water again

This week, as with every week, there was no shortage of hot topics in the media to discuss. We covered quite a bit of ground including the cake shop in Oregon being fined $135,000 for discriminating against a lesbian couple for refusing to bake a wedding cake, Jared from Subway being investigated for possible involvement in a child pornography scandal, Paula Deen in hot water yet again, this time for her social media manager tweeting an offensive photo of her son in 'brownface', and much more.

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Jul 3, 2015

Pope Francis’ 10 Tips for A Happy Life, Donald Trump comments and Marriage Equality Ruling

This week, we were delighted to have the full panel back in the studio to catch up on the latest topics happening around the country. So much has happened and significant progress has been made in the last few weeks, especially with Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage, Obamacare, housing, etc. A lot has changed, and it will be very interesting to see what kinds of issues these new laws bring and how they will shift our societal norms. 

We couldn't help but also talk about the kerfuffle with Donald Trump and his very negative and insulting comments about Mexican people during his presidential campaign launch speech. We have all our own opinions on that one, but most of us agree, it doesn't bode too well for his business relationships and certainly not for his presidential campaign. 
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Jun 26, 2015

Real Estate Tips, Taylor Swift, South Carolina tragedy and the Confederate flag…

We had a small panel, as both Amanda and Michael were out this week. Despite missing our wonderful panelists, we still had a great conversation addressing current news topics, especially the tragedy in South Carolina and the current debate going on about the Confederate flag. 

Bryan and Drew also touched on Taylor Swift's open letter to Apple demanding that the company start paying artists in the three month free-trial for new Apple Music users, which resulted in Apple reversing its policy.
Finally, it's Summer, which means it's not only the hottest time of the year, but also the hottest and most active time to buy and sell your home. Bryan covered the most important tips and advice on buying and selling a home this season that you won't want to miss. 
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Jun 19, 2015

Real Estate and Mortgage Tips, Social Media and Mix of Pop Culture

This week, in addition to covering a few hot topics in the news, we dove into a few important issues regarding real estate, including what to look for when vetting an agent. We also touched on important regulations changing when it comes to mortgages, and finally how to make your overall home buying or selling experience as painless as possible.

Finally we talked a bit about social media and cleared up some misconceptions about hashtags and how important they are in helping your posts become more discoverable, as long as you don't use them incorrectly. 
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Jun 12, 2015

Dr. Christin Ernst from Physiotheraphy Associates talks benefits and misconceptions of physical therapy

Dr. Christin Ernst from Physiotherapy Associates joined us in the studio this week to chat about physical therapy, the misconceptions out there, as well as the major benefits it can provide to not only heal injuries, but also prevent future injuries, and even in in some cases, having surgery. 

As many of you know, our very own host, Bryan Garrity had major back surgery at the end of last year and is still in the process of healing. Without the amazing care, kindness, knowledge and skill of Dr. Christin Ernst and the others at Physiotherapy Associates, he would not be recovering anywhere close to as well as he is today. 
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Jun 5, 2015

Special Guest: The Fitness Stalker - Raquel Cordero Perry, Reactions about the Caitlyn Jenner reveal and more

We had the pleasure this week of welcoming back onto the show one of the best and most devoted fitness experts we know, Raquel Cordero Perry, AKA The Fitness Stalker. We discussed a variety of topics related to health and fitness, including self-sabotage, as well as body image and how it is affected by the media and society. 

We also got reactions from all of the panelists about Caitlyn Jenner revealing herself for the first time on Monday in a stunning Vanity Fair photo spread. It's not far off to say that close to everyone around the world who has seen it, was shocked at how beautiful she looks. 
While there are many mixed feelings and opinions about Caitlyn, it seems the world has been more positive, encouraging and supportive. What Caitlyn has done by making this transition so public may not be clear or understood by everyone, but it is very a big step in the right direction to help society understand and treat transgender people with respect and love; just as any human being deserves. 
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May 28, 2015

Marriage Equality in Ireland and reactions from the Catholic Church, Johnny Depp in trouble in Australia and more

This week, we were down to three, as panelist Amanda Silber was feeling a bit under the weather. We hope she feels better soon, especially in time for next week's show. 

We still covered quite a lot of ground, discussing the Irish referendum and Ireland being the first country in the world to pass a law in favor marriage equality by popular vote. Serious history being made there folks.
We can't have a show without a little pop culture gossip, and this time we kicked it off with Johnny Depp smuggling Pistol and Boo, his two Yorkshire terriers, into Australia where he is filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. No surprise that it didn't go over very well with the Australian government. The minister of of Agriculture actually threatened to kill the dogs if they were not removed from the country within a certain timeframe, and now Depp could be facing up to 10 years in the slammer for not complying with Australia's animal quarantine regulations. 
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